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Dry Brush Moisture Treatment

Feeling dry and itchy? Sluggish? Just need to destress…this is a full body dry brushing that whisks away surface dryness while stimulating circulation near the skin surface to bring nutrients to the area and flush out toxins. You will then be lathered in a lush body butter and wrapped up in a cocoon of blankets to let the warmth of your skin soak in the moisture. Choose to nap alone with relaxing music or receiving a light scalp massage and experience the vibrating facial wands while your body soaks up moisture. When unwrapped your therapist will massage any remaining moisture into your skin (Note that is not a full massage treatment) It’s best not to shower right after this treatment so make sure you wear something light and flowy to your appointment and plan your schedule or day remainder appropriately.

75 Min. Treatment — $130

Hollywood Hands

Let us give you a hand by using a volcanic microderm abrasion scrub on them followed by an enzyme treatment to eat away dead skin cells. We follow up with a hydrating mask, lush serums and a moisturizer. If your hands are raw from washing and using hand sanitizer, we will customize a ultra gentle treatment with a soothing gel mask and serums that treat red dehydrated and even burned skin.

40 Min. Treatment — $75

Back Glow

Don’t forget to wash your back….. we know you cant reach it but don’t worry, we got your back! The facial for your back! First we cleanse your back with a crystal clarity exfoliating cleanser that has perfectly rounded very fine volcanic granules that wont cause micro tearing like some manual exfoliators. Then we use an exfoliating enzyme treatment with steam, followed by extractions if necessary and a mask. Let’s not forget the best part…. massaging in the moisturizer at the end!

60 Min. Treatment — $140

The Head Case

Did you love your BFF playing with your hair when you were little? This scalp treatment will bring you down memory lane when we part the hair throughout the scalp and apply a light exfoliating and stimulating, toning refreshner, followed by a nutrient rich bioflavinoid oil massaged into every inch of your scalp with a stimulating touch, followed by a lighter touch massage …. oh yes and of course….. we WILL play with your hair for old time sake LOL

30 Min. Treatment — $65

The Samantha Glow

The facial for your vagina.
Yes you heard right!

This addresses the pubic mound and bikini area (thigh crease) only. Waxing can be taxing on your sensitive skin down there. This service is for between waxing. We give you a double cleanse and then use an enzyme under steam to remove dead skin cells and prep for extractions and the removal of ingrown hairs if needed. This is followed by a hydrating and soothing mask to calm irritated or dry skin. This service also helps to brighten the area and leave that newly bare skin looking smooth. Do you NEED this service? Well I know Samantha from sex in the city would agree you do! If you’re going to wax you don’t want to ignore the health of the skin you’re waxing and make it as pretty as you can. This service can last anywhere between 30 and 60 minutes depending on your needs.

30-60 Min. Treatment — $75

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