Illness and Covid Procedures

We Take Safety Seriously!

Glow complies with state board cleanliness and sanitation procedures. We also go above and beyond to make sure that we do all things possible to keep your spa germ and virus free by taking extra time to sanitize between clients and using dental grade air purifiers. We also take care not to cross contaminate. We will wear a mask if you ask us too. Please help us keep this relaxing space illness free by not coming to an appointment sick. If you wake up ill the day of an appointment, we will waive the 24-hour notice charge. Please don’t come to the spa if you think you may be getting ill or have been exposed to someone that was ill. Please don’t come to the spa until you are symptom free even if you think you are not contagious, even if you think it’s probably just allergies. If you have covid please don’t come back to the spa for two weeks after onset of symptoms and until you are completely symptom free. If you are not ill but have anything that is considered contagious, please let your therapist know before your appointment as we do have the right to not work on transmittable diseases or viruses. As therapists we see a lot of people during the day at close contact so, please keep us from getting sick as well as others. If your therapist is out ill, then nobody can receive services. Thank you so much for respecting our policy.

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