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FALL 2021

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As we have all learned, Covid and its variants are airborne and spread by breathing in tiny droplets in the air from another person that is infected knowingly or not with the virus. Spa services are a close contact service, given in a small closed room, so because of the nature of this business, and the growing variant and break through surge, I am for a temporary time, only seeing vaccinated clients. I also have a medical grade air filter that is capable of catching virus and I have taken extra time between clients to sanitize the room and all equipment and tools. Masks are also to be worn the right way at all times unless or until you are asked to remove it for facial treatment. Thank you for helping me keep you, me and the whole salon safe and open during this time of viral pandemic and I appreciate your business. If you have been exposed, traveled or been to a group gathering please wait the quarantine period of 2 weeks before an appointment. If you have any symptoms, even if you think it’s just a cold or allergies or your just run down…… Please do not come in. I am waiving all cancelation fees for illness until further notice. There are also other illnesses going around with the change of the season and I would like to keep the studio as illness free as possible. Remember if I am ill with anything I can not work so I thank you all for being conscience and considerate of all these things.


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