All facial treatments can add on a 30 min LED session by choosing it on the menu in our easy online booking system or by calling Glow!

Acne Boot Camp

Unlike a one time acne facial, the acne boot camp is a committed program for those serious about getting clear and staying clear!

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Glow’s Signature Facial

A primary cleansing and exfoliating enzyme treatment with steam. Luxurious skin brushing that helps loosen debris and prepare pores for extractions (Extractions only done if necessary). A mask is then professionally chosen and of course there will be light massage of the face, arms, hands, and neck to increase circulation, move toxins and drain fluids through the lymphatic system. This facial includes a consultation and will be personally tailored to your skin’s specific needs.

90 Min. Treatment — $125

Red Carpet Glow

Relax under steam with an exfoliating enzyme treatment. Receive a 30 min dose of red light therapy to calm redness, increase collagen, elastin and hydration, plump the skin, and smooth fine lines and wrinkles. A nutrient rich mask will also be applied. We will end the service with a cold roller to calm any inflammation and flush the superficial skin of the face, and lather you with serums, moisturizer and SPF to leave you GLOWING like a red carpet STAR!

2 Hour Treatment — $150

Skin Fit

Not for those who have had Botox or Filler in the last 6 weeks

This facial is like a trip to the gym for the muscles in your face! After our signature facial treatment, we bring out the big guns which starts with a manual facial toning massage which uses a firmer than normal facial touch. Then we move into a lymphatic drainage massage and Gua Sha massage. We end this work out with the cold vibrating facial wands. This massage tones your muscles for a firmer look and reduces puffiness. For lasting results, should be done in a series.

90 Min. Treatment — $125
Series of 3 — $345
Series of 6 — $680

Bro Glow

This facial focuses on cleaning and exfoliating skin exposed to harsh elements and or soothing irritated skin from shaving….. we deep clean, exfoliate, mask, sooth and defend. We end this facial with some home care suggestions and easy product referrals if interested. Simple as that guys…. no fluffy stuff.

WANT THE FLUFF YOU SAY? No problem, ask for the massage and brushing add on for $25 or select it from the menu in our online booking

60 Min. Treatment — $90

The Detox

Travel a lot? Exposed to smoke, harsh chemicals or environmental toxins? Is your skin purging from the toxicity of not eating right? This facial will customize an exfoliant and cocktail a mask with special detoxing ingredients made to pull toxins from the skin and we protect your skin barrier with glows own pollution solution toning mist. Includes a lymphatic drainage facial massage to move toxic lymph along and drain the head face and neck

90 Min. Treatment — $125

The Samantha Glow

The facial for your vagina.
Yes you heard right!

This addresses the pubic mound and bikini area (thigh crease) only. Waxing can be taxing on your sensitive skin down there. This service is for between waxing. We give you a double cleanse and then use an enzyme under steam to remove dead skin cells and prep for extractions and the removal of ingrown hairs if needed. This is followed by a hydrating and soothing mask to calm irritated or dry skin. This service also helps to brighten the area and leave that newly bare skin looking smooth. Do you NEED this service? Well I know Samantha from sex in the city would agree you do! If you’re going to wax you don’t want to ignore the health of the skin you’re waxing and make it as pretty as you can. This service can last anywhere between 30 and 60 minutes depending on your needs.

30-60 Min. Treatment — $75

The Get Up and Glow

Just the meat and potatoes of our signature without massage . Cleanse, exfoliate and short mask.
-This is our mini treatment

45 Min. Treatment — $80

Fire and Ice Facial

This acne facial starts with a consultation and an assessment, to decide the perfect approach to exfoliation for you. Extractions if appropriate. A mask tailor fit for your skin followed by a 30 min LED blue light treatment that will kill bacteria and calm redness. After we heat you up under the steam and lights we will end this treatment with a cold roller to further alleviate inflammation and redness and apply cool serums and moisturizer straight from the fridge.

2 Hour Treatment — $150

Teen Glow

Much like the get up and glow facial, this facial includes an appropriate exfoliating treatment with steam, a professionally chosen mask, and extractions if needed. We will also spend some time teaching you how to, and how not to, touch your face, how nutrition, hydration and hormones affect your skin. Lastly we will discuss products and home care so that you can keep yourself glowing at all times.

60 Min. Treatment — $90

Back Glow

Don’t forget to wash your back….. we know you cant reach it but don’t worry, we got your back! The facial for your back! First we cleanse your back with a crystal clarity exfoliating cleanser that has perfectly rounded very fine volcanic granules that wont cause micro tearing like some manual exfoliators. Then we use an exfoliating enzyme treatment with steam, followed by extractions if necessary and a mask. Let’s not forget the best part…. massaging in the moisturizer at the end!

60 Min. Treatment — $120

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