We’re Talking a full 60 or 90 minutes of bliss on the table folks!

The Melt

60 Minutes — 3 Pack — $300
60 Minutes — 5 Pack — $500

90 Minutes — 3 Pack — $350
90 Minutes — 5 Pack — $590

Massage Packages

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60 Minutes — 3 Pack — $350
60 Minutes — 5 Pack — $590

90 Minutes — 3 Pack — $410
90 Minutes — 5 Pack — $680

Massage Menu

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The Melt

If you like a slower medium to light touch with just enough pressure in the areas needed most. Hot towels for your back and feet. Have no particular issues to focus on and just want to spend your time being pampered and melting into the massage table…then this massage is for you. (Want lavender or citrus aromatherapy added to your towels? Just ask when you book…no extra charge)

60 Min. Treatment — $110
90 Min. Treatment — $130

Mama Glow

If your a Glowing mama to be and need some relief or relaxation you’ve come to the right place. Depending on your comfort and how far along you are, we try to get you to be on your back with legs and head elevated as long as possible so that you can experience a full normal massage for your feet, legs, arms and especially for your neck, shoulders and head. Then we will have you turn to your sides and hug a body pillow to work your back and hips.

60 Min. Treatment — $130


This therapeutic massage is for those that have issues they need addressed. No need to decide on what kind of massage is going to work for you because the therapeutic massage includes a through consultation and will be tailored to fit whatever your needs are no matter the modality or pressure.

60 Min. Treatment — $130
90 Min. Treatment — $150

Hot Stone Massage

Our Hot Stone Massage is much like our 90 min Melt Massage but we use the heat of warm stones placed on the body to deeply relax and bring circulation and warmth the the tissues. The stones are removed one body part at a time and then used to give a light to medium pressure Massage. The neck head and shoulders are massaged traditionally with a hands on approach as well. Perfect for cold weather achyness and relaxation

90 Min. Treatment — $175

Happy Feet

This is vacation for your feet. Massage, reflexology, hot towels, peppermint massage creme, and a soothing and cooling mint toner spray is what your tootsies will get in this relaxing and invigorating massage.

30 Min. Treatment — $50

Mini Glow

Need a quick glow and go? This 30 minute quick massage will focus on just the spot you need worked on to get you out of discomfort quickly and back on your way

30 Min. Treatment — $60

Face Trainer

Firm and tone your facial muscles with this stimulating face neck and head massage. Especially great for those with tight jaw muscles. This is not the massage you might receive in a relaxing facial, and is more toning and therapeutic by nature. Great toning and lifting results when done in a series! THIS IS NOT FOR THOSE WHO HAVE RECEIVED BOTOX OR FILLERS IN THE LAST 6 WEEKS. Results are best when done in a series

45 Min. Treatment — $65
3 Pack — $175.50
6 Pack — $351

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