Fall Specials

Something for every skin type with the botanicals and smells of fall

Fall Back and Relax Sorella Facial

This luxurious facial will not only kick off the fall skin care season by giving you a spicy good exfoliation but it also lets you relax into the smells of fall as well, ending with a hydrating mask and finishing serums and of course tons of massage. This 2 hour special includes a free red light therapy session that will calm, hydrate, plump and heal your skin from the inside out while boosting collagen production. Good for all skin types.


Pumpkin Spice Clove

This classic Pumpkin enzyme facial will fully exfoliate your skin surface and clean out your pores while filling your senses with the smells of fall. Vanilla Clove mask hydrates and calms . This 2 hour special includes a free dermaplane service for a double exfoliation and will rid the face of vellus hairs for a perfect finish. Your make up will go on flawlessly. Good for combo, normal, and oily skin.


Spiced Cider Facial

Exfoliate with an Orchard Apple Enzyme to clear dead skin cells, clean, and purify the pores while a Spiced Autumn hydrating mask nourishes and hydrates your skin. This special comes with a free dermaplane service for a double exfoliation to clear the skins surface and remove vellus hairs and leave your surface so smooth your make up will go on perfect. This facial is great for combo skin, normal skin and for an anti aging treatment.


Vanilla Clove Hydrating Facial

This Hydrating Facial uses a volcanic surface exfoliator before a gentle enzyme treatment and a Vanilla Clove nourishing and hydrating mask. We also include a free red light therapy session with this 2 hour special. Red light is the perfect add on to heal and hydrate and plump dry or over processed skin. Great facial for dry, dehydrated, sensitive skin and people with a compromised barrier.


Ultra Gentle Fall Fruit facial

Relax and fill you senses with the smells of seasonal fruits while experiencing gentle exfoliating and a calming mask and calming serums. This 2 hour special includes a free light therapy session to heal and calm inflammation, remove redness, and hydrate and plump. This facial is great for sensitive skin, dry over processed skin and rosacea.


Orange Blossom Facial

The Orange enzyme is a powerful antioxidant that brightens the skin with 4% lactic and 1.5% glycolic acids that digest dead skin cells and soften sebum. The antioxidants within the orange are a perfect anti-aging treatment that will create a healthy glow and the Goji Berry Yogurt Mask is an amazing creamy, hydrating and soothing treat for the skin.


Samantha Glow Vagacial

This service is for the pubic mound area and crease of legs only. It will address exfoliation, hydration and ingrowns/bumps. We use an appropriate enzyme treatment with steam, do extractions if needed and mask. Great after wax service!


Smooth Operator Wax Special

Every day is Valentines Day with a Wax clean up of the basics. Includes Extended Bikini ( Narrow bikini line, butt strip and a little off the top), Lower leg, Under Arms, Brows and Upper lip. Stop use of all actives on the face or body 2 to 3 days before the services and tanning or sun exposure. Can not preform this service if you are on antibiotics, acutane, or any other prescribed acne care or product that may thin the skin or cause it to be sensitive or lifting can occur. $68 Savings


What Our Clients Say

I loved the facial I got at Glow so much that I ended up getting my husband the Macho Facial for his birthday. I love the products! My favorite is the Coola sunscreen face mist. My husband got the oil free Glow face cleaner and moisturizer for his oily skin. I also went back for a massage, which was great. I’m definitely going back.

Marla B

Google Review

I had a massage with Debbie, it was the best massage I have ever had…. Debbie was professional the space was relaxing and inviting. The massage was so good I almost fell asleep…. After leaving I felt so relaxed and energized…. I made another appointment right on the spot

Michelle B

Google Review

Debbie was amazing! I had my first appointment with her today and have already booked another. Not only did she massage, but she also stretched my body which I’ve never had before. It was so relaxing and my best massage ever.

Julie B

Verified Vagaro Review

Amazing massage! Felt so relaxed. Debbie’s skills are amazing. I highly recommend her. I will be back soon!

Makenzie M

Google Review